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## page was renamed from projects

Research Projects



  • [:projects/LipidBilayerStructure:Dynamic structure of lipid bilayers]BR We study how the molecular structure of various lipid molecules influence structural and dynamical properties of lipid bilayers.

  • [:projects/Magainins:Supramolecular structure of magainin pore as seen by molecular dynamics simulation]

  • [:projects/nMoldyn:nMoldyn: a program package for the calculation and analysis of neutron scattering spectra from MD simulations]
  • [:projects/CytochromeC:Cytochrome c]

  • [:projects/BicellesMicelles:Bicelles and micelles]

  • [:projects/ComputationalGenomics:Computational genomics]

  • [:projects/CarotenoidsInMembranes:Carotenoids in biological membranes]

  • [:projects/Anesthetics:Piperidine local anesthetics action on biological membranes]

  • [:projects/LipidProtein: Lipid - protein interactions]
  • [:projects/NSAID: Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs interaction with membranes]

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