Publication List 2016-2019

  1. M. Markiewicz, T. Librowski, A. Lipkowska, P. Serda, K. Baczynski a, M. Pasenkiewicz-Gierula, Assessing gastric toxicity of xanthone derivatives of anti-inflammatory activity using simulation and experimental approaches, Biophysical Chemistry 220: 20–33, 2017. PDF

  2. M. Pasenkiewicz-Gierula, K. Baczynski, M. Markiewicz, Krzysztof Murzyn, Computer modelling studies of the bilayer/water interface, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1858: 2305–2321, 2016. PDF

  3. W. Kulig, M. Pasenkiewicz-Gierula, T. Róg, Cis and trans unsaturated phosphatidylcholine bilayers: A molecular dynamics simulation study, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 195: 12–20, 2016. PDF

  4. P. J. Porebski, M. Cymborowski, M. Pasenkiewicz-Gierula W. Minor, Fitmunk : improving protein structures by accurate, automatic modeling of side-chain conformations, Acta Cryst. D72: 266–280, 2016. PDF

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